What is the Best Hair Color When You Have Rosacea?

What is rosacea? It's surprising to people with rosacea that many do not know much about the skin condition. Rosacea is a condition that causes flushed skin and small pustules. It can affect the eyes (ocular rosacea) or create bulbous growths on the nose.

Is There a Cure for Rosacea?

Despite what some say, there is no cure for rosacea. The symptoms may go into remission, but they can also return. Prescription medications like Metrogel are often used to treat the symptoms. However, recent media reports are saying that milk of magnesia for rosacea is just as effective in some patients. You use it the same way. Put a thin layer on your affected skin twice a day.

Milk of magnesia didn't help me any, mainly because it dried my skin out. If you do use it, I recommend getting a heavier moisturizer to put over it after it's dried.

When you have rosacea, it's embarrassing. You rarely know when your redness will appear. Certain triggers will cause the redness to flare up. The weather outside, foods you eat, skin products you use, and even pollen, mold/mildew spores, or the sun will lead to the inflammation.

You probably never stop to think about your hair color's impact on your red, flushed face, but you should. You can use hair color to minimize redness in the face. The flushed, pink/red skin that you get with rosacea can be toned by the right hair color. It's amazing how different your face can look with the best hair color for someone with rosacea.

Do You Want Temporary or Permanent Color?

One thing you need to look at is the dye itself before you settle on the best hair color for rosacea skin. If you want to try a color and have it wear away quickly, pick a temporary, demi-, or semi-permanent color. These wash out after six or eight shampoos.

If you want something that's going to last weeks and weeks, pick a permanent color as the best rosacea hair color. Permanent colors last a long time. You'll need to touch up your roots, but generally, you can go a month and a half to two months before you need to do a root touch-up.

The Best Hair Color for Rosacea Skin Use Gentle Ingredients

Hair coloring can have very harsh ingredients. When you're searching for the best hair color, rosacea sufferers need to look at ingredients. If you find one of your triggers in that list, try a similar shade in a gentler brand or a chemical-free hair color for red face flare-ups. If you can't find a gentler brand, be sure you always do an allergy test first, even if you've used that brand before.

Stick to Warmer Tones

When picking the best hair color for rosacea skin, try to keep with warm, golden tones. Blue hues are going to make your redness stand out. Be ready to experiment. Your normal skin tone, whether you're olive, golden, or cool, will impact how hair colors look on you.


Thinking of going red? Instead of going with a red that is higher in blue or purple notes, pick a red that is more bronze or orange. For example, reds that are more copper help mask the redness of rosacea. If you do decide to go red, be prepared for upkeep. I found my naturally blonde roots needed touching up every three weeks. If you want to try red hair color for rosacea, I recommend these brands and shades.


For brunettes, a golden brown is going to complement red skin better. Become a stunning brunette using a golden brown kit like Garnier Olia's Medium Golden Brown. Generally, I find that a medium golden brown makes my red skin less noticeable, and I get the most compliments from people. Looking to become a brunette? Try these brown hair colors for red face symptoms.


If you're more interested in livening up your drab blonde hair, use golden tones. Warmer honey shades suit people with rosacea better. With blonde hair, red face symptoms are less noticeable if you use warm honey, gold, or copper tones. Don't go too light. A very light blonde color blends with the skin too easily and creates a washed out look. These are some of my favorite blonde hair colors for rosacea.

Bold and Pastel Colors

Today's hair colors come in a variety of shades. There's bright purple, electric blue, and fire engine red. There are also cooler tones like mint green, lavender, and light pink.

I went with purple tips on my hair for Alzheimer's Awareness Month and was surprised how well a lilac looked. If you're feeling really adventurous, I tried an electric blue hair color for rosacea and received compliments everywhere I went. Try these bold hair colors with your red face.

Best Hair Color to Minimize Redness in Face

If you have a redness in your face, the best hair color to minimize it is a cool shade. Cool shades include ash brown and ash blonde as they neutralize any reddish undertones in the skin. Avoid warm colors such as copper and auburn, as these can enhance the redness in your face.

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

You may have to try several colors before you find the best hair color for rosacea. Not sure you want to take the leap with a semi-permanent hair color? I don't blame you. I use this online tool to help me decide.

Visit Loreal Professional's UK site and try out different colors using a photo you upload. It's a risk-free way to find the best hair colour for rosacea skin that reduces the flushed look on your red face. When you've found the best hair color rosacea skin doesn't clash with, you can start shopping for the lowest price.

Shop at Amazon for great prices on rosacea and hair color products. They have the best prices and a variety of hair color kits that suit people with rosacea.