Have you been looking for a better way to seal your herbs into the perfect roll? If you're tired of overstuffing or underfilling a roll and ending up with it falling apart, Jroll is here to save the day.

What is a Jroll? It's a compact device that weighs, grinds, and fills a paper cone for you. You can grind and roll one herb or grind and mix different types or strains for custom blends. With Jroll, your rolls are consistently sized and tightly rolled.

It's powered by rechargeable batteries, and a USB-C cable and three plug-in options are included to make it easy to recharge it as needed. One charge can weigh, grind, and fill 50 king-size paper cones. You can use the app to check the battery level to ensure it's charged when you need it.

Four Simple Steps Are All It Takes for a Perfect Roll

You wouldn't believe how easy the Jroll is to use.

  1. Load the paper roll in the plastic Jroll tube. Put that into the holder, close the door, and you're ready for the herbs.
  2. Open the top lid and measure out the amount of herb you want to grind. It's ready to grind at this point, and it will go right into your preloaded paper roll.
  3. To start the grinding process, put the lid in place and twist it. That switches it from loading to grinding. It will move to the rolling mode. Press the button on the lid to fill your paper cone and roll it. The door opens once this is complete.
  4. Clean the machine before you store it. It comes with a brush that makes this easy. Remove the top lid and take out the grinder component. Hold that over a container and brush out any small particles that remained behind and wipe it down with an alcohol wipe to disinfect it. The Jroll grinder and mixing unit are also dishwasher safe.

Order While You Can

jrollJroll is currently in limited production, so you need to order soon to get your hands on one. It comes with a USB-C charger, cleaning brush, case, and 10 Jtubes. You must purchase the paper cones separately from any store that sells king-size pre-rolled paper cones or directly from Jroll.

Get precision rolls that are accurately measured, ground, and rolled in paper cones. Whether you live in a state where it's already legal or you stick to natural herbs like salvia or grow your own tobacco, the Jroll makes it easy to have a number of rolls ready and waiting.

If you're worried about packaging that might make you stand out, don't worry. All orders are packaged in plain brown boxes without any branding. Your privacy is safe with Jroll.