Borage Seed Oil

People with rosacea often find their skin becomes dry. The dry patches appear commonly on the cheeks and forehead. You might find the corners of your eyes also becoming dry in the winter months. A rosacea-safe moisturizer is the best way to prevent dry, itchy skin.

If you have dry, itchy patches, borage oil is a must. Not only is it rich in GLA, but it also has anti-inflammatory qualities that help ease rosacea flare-ups. Here's what you need to know about the benefits of using borage seed oil for dry skin.

What is Borage?

Borage is an herb that grows about three feet in height. When it flowers, the blossoms are often cornflower blue and have five points that make them look like stars. That's how it gets its informal name "starflower."

The herb's leaves taste a little like cucumber, while the flower has been described as being sweet. As the leaves do contain a small amount of toxin that can damage the liver in some. As a result, most people only use the seeds.

Borage seeds are rich in gamma-linolenic acid. This is why it helps ease dry skin. These fatty acids replenish and maintain proper moisture levels within the cells. If you deal with flushing, broken blood vessels, and burning/itching, borage seed oil with help with those symptoms, too. The oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with flare-ups that people with rosacea deal with.

Try These Brands

Borage seed is considered by many to be the best oil for rosacea skin. If you want to try it and see if it helps, we recommend these brands.

  • Bella Terra Oils - The pure borage seed oil in the four-ounce bottle from Bella Terra Oils is completely unrefined and cold pressed. It's as pure as you can get. It comes with an eye dropper, so it's hard to use too much. Apply a few drops to your skin when it's still damp from being washed. If you prefer, add some to your usual daily moisturizer.
  • Seamantika Moisturizing Face Cream is designed for normal to dry skin. In addition to the borage seed oil, it also contains shea butter and vitamin E. Use this skin moisturizer day and night for moister, healthier looking skin.
  • Spring Valley - If you'd rather get your borage seed oil through a dietary supplement, try Spring Valley's Fish, Flax, and Borage Oil. The gelatin capsules are rich in omega fatty acids. Take two soft gel capsules each day. One bottle contains a 60-day supply.

Try those brands and products to start. As rosacea affects people differently, you may need to use the moisturizers more or less often. Do a spot test first and see how your skin reacts. Give it a week or two for your skin to improve. Shop at Amazon now and see what you think.