Our Top 10 List of Android Apps for Rosacea

Who wouldn't want quick information regarding rosacea flare-ups, skin care, and expert tips? With these 10 Android apps for rosacea, you'll have the information you need at your fingertips. Here are my picks for the best 10 rosacea apps for Android devices.

Advanced Dermatology by Lagnosis

Have an online consultation with a board-certified dermatologist from your phone or tablet. You can upload pictures of your skin and talk to a dermatologist associated with the Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery clinic. Once you've consulted with the doctor through the app, you can find out what to do in terms of diet, skincare, and medications.

Batty's Bath Holistic Skincare by Batty's Bath

Batty's Bath Holistic Skincare is ideal if you've given up on prescription medications. The founder is a specialist in natural skin care. She can direct you to the best natural treatments for rosacea, rosacea skin care items, and helpful videos.

DermCheck Dermatology by DermCheck

Pay a per-visit fee of less than $50 and have a consultation online with a licensed dermatologist. Upload photos of your face, get skincare advice, and have electronic prescriptions sent to your pharmacist. The one downfall to this app is that it's only available to residents of California.

Honey Health by JoMark3

Honey Health is an informative app that teaches you about the benefits of manuka honey for rosacea. If you've been interested in trying Honevo Red for rosacea, give this app a try. You'll find ways to use manuka honey to ease the redness, itching, and other symptoms of rosacea. There's also a recipe for a manuka honey face mask for rosacea.

MyDerm by PS3G Inc.

MyDerm is available for residents of New Jersey. Stay at your home or in your office and talk to Dr. Maria Abello-Poblete to discuss your skin condition. The doctor can walk you through skincare tips for rosacea, possible triggers, and prescriptions.

Rosacea - Tagebuch by anyMOTION Graphics

With Rosacea - Tagebuch, you will need to translate some items from German. If you have a way to translate the language, this Android app is pretty amazing. When you have flare-ups, note them and items you've ingested in the journal and then use that to pinpoint your common triggers. It has a chart so that you can see when your flare-ups were most common during the past week.

Rosacea Tracker Pro by ToTheHand, LLC.

If you like the idea of tracking your flare-ups, Rosacea Tracker Pro is a great choice. This one is in English and has a few quirks, but the basics make it stand out. Keep track of your flare-ups and bring that information to your doctor.

Rosacea Treatments and Symptoms by Text Examples

This is an app for someone completely new to rosacea. It includes information about the common skin condition. Access skin care tips for rosacea, advice on prescription medications for rosacea, and insight into laser treatments to ease redness.

Skin Diseases and Treatment by Lionasys

View photos of rosacea and other skin conditions on your Android device with the app from Lionasys. As you match your skin issues to the app, you can read information on how best to treat it, what can cause your flare-ups, and what you need to do to treat your rosacea.

SkyMD - Online Dermatologist by SkyMD

Have an "appointment" with an online dermatologist through SkyMD. Once you sign up, you'll take photos and have a short consultation. Once the dermatologist diagnoses your skin condition, a treatment plan, including medications if needed, is created for you to follow. You will need to find a dermatologist in your area who uses SkyMD in order to use the app.

Give these apps a try. Most are free, but consultation with a dermatologist will cost some money or require your medical insurance information in order to have your insurance cover the visitation fee. If you're tired of dealing with rosacea, these apps can help.