The Best Ways to Tone Down Facial Redness

Having a red face is never fun. If people are not commenting on the flushed state and saying you must be drunk or dealing with high blood pressure, they're suggesting too much time in the sun is bad. This is something everyone with rosacea deals with on a regular basis. Some handle it better than others, but at some point the gossip does hurt. Many start to stay at home and avoid going out in public, but that's not the answer. Here are the best ways to tone down facial redness.

Stick to Mineral-Based Cosmetics

Many chemicals contain ingredients that irritate rosacea-afflicted skin. Stick to natural, mineral-based cosmetics. Talc, parabens, and perfumes are especially annoying to rosacea, so avoid products with those ingredients.

Skip Bright Lipstick

While many women like to put lipstick on before they go out, darker colors, especially bright reds, can make the cheeks appear redder. Stick to clear lip gloss to help reduce the redness on your cheeks.

Keep Cool Water Available

Keeping a spritz bottle of water in your purse or car can help. You want the water to be cool, as it slows blood flow and can help keep the blood vessels near the surface of the skin from being as noticeable. You can also drink ice water or suck on ice cubes to get some of the same benefit.

Green Concealer

Concealers that contain the color green will help tone facial redness. Many companies offer color-concealing foundations that have green in the mixture.

Grab the Chamomile

Chamomile is gentle and soothing to red skin. Some products add chamomile to their facial washes and moisturizers for rosacea skin. If you cannot find a product you like, used chamomile tea bags are a great alternative.

Benefits to Oatmeal

Colloidal oatmeal is often recommended by pediatricians for children with chicken pox, bug bites, or other itchy rashes. If red, itchy skin is a problem for you, give colloidal oatmeal a try. It helps soothe the skin, relieves the itching, and help protect the skin from additional damage.

These are just a few of the best options for reducing facial reduce. Some may work well, while others will not be as useful, but when you find the best solution to your facial redness, you'll be incredibly happy that something is finally working.