Taiwanese Researchers Believe Rosacea and Coronary Artery Disease Are Linked

Perhaps one of the more concerning articles I've read on rosacea is that some researchers believe they've found a link between coronary artery disease and rosacea. In the study reported in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, a group of Taiwanese researchers studied an increased risk for specific cardiovascular ailments.

The Study

In the study, the researchers from three hospitals in Taipei pooled more than 33,000 Taiwanese adults who were diagnosed with rosacea and pulled another 67,000 who do not have rosacea. They then looked at their medical records and found that those with rosacea had higher incidences of high blood pressure and higher triglyceride levels than those without rosacea.

What They Recommend

Their thoughts are that the inflammation behind rosacea may be behind the tendency to have higher incidences of cardiovascular health issues. It's recommended that you make sure you go to your doctor for regular check-ups and discuss your heart health. Monitor your blood pressure and go for regular cholesterol checks. If there are issues, it's better to catch them early and seek proper treatment.