Scientists Study Rosacea and Increased Risk of Brain Tumors

A study out of the University of Copenhagen finds that people with rosacea may have an increased risk of developing a certain type of brain cancer. This study looked at more than 68,000 rosacea sufferers and more than 5 million people without rosacea.

The Brain Cancer

For this study, the people were checked for a span of 14 years. The research team looked for signs of glioma, types of tumors formed within the glia tissue within the brain.

The Study's Findings

Of the people who do not have rosacea, the incidence of glioma was about 3 percent per 10,000 people. For patients with rosacea, the incidence rose to just under 5 percent.

Should You Worry

This is the latest in a series of research projects that have tied medical diseases or conditions to people with rosacea. While there is a risk, it's slim. It's worth learning the symptoms of a brain tumor, but not worth panicking that you have cancer, especially when Neurology Advisor also reports that they found a financial connection between the researchers and the pharmaceutical industry. It's always good to talk to your doctor about your concerns.