Systane Ultra Eye Drops

Ocular rosacea is often misunderstood. You think there's an eyelash making your eye scratchy. You use eye washes and eye drops to ease the itching and scratching, but it doesn't go away. It could be ocular rosacea. It's a form of rosacea that leads to impacted oil glands, so the eyes are not being properly lubricated. Left untreated, it can damage the cornea.

Most specialists recommend patients with ocular rosacea follow a daily protocol of flax oil and fish oil supplements, eyelid wipes, warm compresses, and lubricating eye drops. I know. I have this form of rosacea. Lubricating eye drops are essential. After trying many brands, I do find that Systane Ultra eye drops work the best. They're not cheap, however.

What Options Are There for Systane Ultra for Rosacea?

Systane Ultra eye drops come in bottles or vials for individual use. I love the vials when I'm on the go. I keep a handful in my purse. If I am out and find that the weather or dry air within a store or home is getting to me, I have the lubricating eye drops on hand.

In the home, I keep one bottle of Systane Ultra near my bed and the other in my office. I'm never too far away from the artificial tears and can ease my ocular rosacea quickly.

How to Save Money on Eye Drops for Rosacea

Systane Ultra eye drops are not inexpensive, but the company does everything possible to make them affordable. Visit and sign up for their newsletter. Each month, you'll get a coupon from the company to help you save money.

Sign up for Amazon's Subscribe and Save program. You get a new shipment of Systane Ultra Eye Drops at the frequency you prefer. Plus, they often have exclusive coupons for discounts.

Don't just deal with the itching and scratchiness that ocular rosacea causes. Try Systane Ultra Lubricating Eye Drops. Be sure to get your coupon discounts and save money. You'll find the eye drops work wonders and are well worth the cost!