Rosacea Product Review: Genteal Gel Eye Drops

Ocular rosacea is not only an irritating condition, left untreated this form of rosacea can damage the cornea. Symptoms range from frequent styes to the sensation that there is grit or an eyelash in your eye, all the time. A visit to an ophthalmologist is essential if you believe your rosacea has spread to the eyes. You must be checked to ensure your cornea is okay. Following that exam, you'll likely be told to wash your eyelids twice a day, apply heat to the eyelids twice a day for 10 to 20 minutes each time, and to use lubricating eye drops, such as Genteal gel eye drops. It's also recommended you take fish oil and flax seed oil pills each day.

Ingredients and Usage

Genteal gel eye drops come in a small bottle. The active ingredient is hypromellose and carboxymethylcellulose sodium. Both of these lubricants help protect the eye and ensure a proper balance of moisture.

You apply a small line to the inside of your lower eyelid. Be careful not to touch the tip of the tube to your eyelid to help avoid contamination. Blinking will spread the eye gel to all areas of the eye. Many eye doctors recommend that people with ocular rosacea use lubricating eye drops four times a day. When treating ocular rosacea with Genteal gel eye drops, I find that twice a day is enough for me. If my eyes feel dry in the middle of the day, I will add drops around lunch time.

In My Opinion

These are the best eye drops for rosacea on the market. They do a great job lubricating my eyes without leaving my vision blurry as many other brands do. The moisturizing benefits last for far longer than brands like Systane. While the price is a little higher, I frequently see $3 off coupons in my Sunday newspaper, in stores, and online.