Rosacea Care Sample Kit

If you search "rosacea" on Amazon, the Rosacea Care Sample Kit is one of the first products listed. It's a rather plain looking selection of products designed to moisturize and soothe rosacea. I wondered if it's really as effective as they make it sound.

There are two versions of the skincare kit for rosacea. One comes with five samples of their products, and the other has the full selection. Both come with a free sample of Calming Cream.

Here's What's Included in Both

The cheaper Rosacea Care for Sensitive Skin kit includes:

  • Ultramild Cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • Serum
  • Night Cream
  • Tinted ZincO Sunscreen with SPF 20
  • Free Calming Eye Cream
The more expensive Comprehensive Sample kit includes:

  • Vita-Oil
  • Rosacea Care Ultramild Cleanser
  • Serum
  • Sunscreen SPF 30
  • Tinted ZincO Sunscreen with SPF 20
  • Moisturizer
  • Facial Gel
  • Night Cream
  • Free Anti-Aging Calming Cream
It's said that the samples all last between 8 and 14 days. To view the ingredients, I had to do a bit of searching. You have to find the full-size product listing and then read ingredients there.

Another Product That Readers Recommend

I received an email about another product a reader discovered and wanted to know if I'd tried. The Rosacea Cream Red Rock Organics makes is supposed to be excellent. Reviews are iffy, but that's true of every rosacea skin care product I've tried.

What I like is that it's one of the products containing manuka honey. It also has hyaluronic acid. I am trying to see if there are samples available before I commit to spending the money on it.

I've also had questions if there are any specific brands offering a rosacea cream for men. I haven't really seen any, but most rosacea skin care products avoid perfumes, so men won't have to worry about heavily scented creams when they use these products.

Did I Try the Rosacea Care Sample Kit?

In the end, I opted not to try Rosacea Care. Reviews are great, but there were items in the ingredient list that I know irritate my skin. Green tea extract is one and alcohol is another.

I know that an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended by dermatologists. Rosacea sufferers tend to have a higher risk of developing skin cancer per studies, so I make sure I use sunscreen all the time. I love Garden Goddess Face the Day SPF 30.

I also rely on Garden Goddess Zinc Lip Balms. Lavender is my favorite of them, but the raspberry is a close second. The lip balm is harder to find, but you can sign up to be alerted when Amazon has it. If you can't find it, the Baby Balm Stick contains most of the same ingredients and the same level of protection from the sun.

For skincare, I've had the best luck with Vanicream at night and not using any face wash when I clean my face. I use a soft microfiber cloth that I wash daily in white vinegar and then hang to dry.

Given the price of the samplers and my skin's sensitivity to alcohol and green tea extract, I opted to pass. That said, the products get great reviews from others. I recommend reading over the ingredients and looking for triggers that may make this a poor option. If you don't see anything, give it a try and let me know what you think.