Rosacea Affects Actress Amy Schumer

When photographers caught actress Amy Schumer with red skin, she opted to reveal that she is one of many who have rosacea. Known for her show Inside Amy Schumer, the actress has gathered a lot of support from fellow sufferers. Rosacea happens and it's definitely nothing to be ashamed of, though that's exactly how many feel when they face each day with red, inflamed skin that can worsen with certain foods, weather conditions, or even cosmetic products.

The photo that triggered Amy Schumer to reveal her skin condition was taken on a wintry day. If you have rosacea, you know that cold weather can really cause your skin to redden, more than the average person who has been out in the cold. Winter winds can also dry out the skin, leading to problems like flaking, dry skin that are almost worse than rosacea's redness.

Keep Moisturized

If you're like the actress and deal with additional flushing on wintry days, make sure you keep moisturized. A moisturizer is essential in helping keep the skin from drying out. If it's sunny, choose a moisturizer with broad spectrum sun protection. Products with zinc are often recommended by dermatologists. Also, try to avoid moisturizers with fragrances or dyes as they are very likely to irritate your skin.