Pay $20 for Finacea With Rosacea Concierge

Azelaic acid, the main ingredient in Finacea, helps relieve many symptoms of rosacea subtype 2. The prescription medication helps with the redness, pimples, and pustules. It's become a beneficial prescription rosacea medication, but the cost can drive some patients away. Thanks to Rosacea Concierge, you can save $20 on your first prescription! In addition, you'll get a free sample of Coppertone sunscreen that's safe for people with rosacea.

Finacea's Cost

Depending on your insurance coverage, you could find yourself spending upwards of $300 on one fill of Finacea. At stores like Walmart and Kmart, one prescription costs approximately $260. Few rosacea sufferers can afford that hefty price. To ensure the rosacea medication ends up where it is most needed, Finacea is offering a special savings card that gives you a year's worth of refills for as low as $20. That's it. There's no co-pay needed for up to 18 fills or the $175 limit. All you have to do is sign up for free at Rosacea Concierge.

Welcome to Rosacea Concierge

Rosacea Concierge is a helpful rosacea site that Finacea created to help people with rosacea. It supports the National Rosacea Society. There's no cost to sign up, and the benefits you'll get, including the $20 Finacea prescription fills is immensely beneficial. Head to, answer a few questions, and get ready to save!