Paratek Announces Trial for Rosacea Patients

In June 2015, Parateck Pharmaceuticals announced the third phase of their trial for rosacea and acne patients. The Phase 3 study is focusing on the use of Omadacycline, a tetracycline drug used to treat skin structure and acute bacterial skin infections. The drug is meant to be taken once a day.

The first part of the Phase 3 Rosacea study will involve 650 patients in 100 locations throughout the world. Patients will take the medication or a placebo in this blind study for a period of time and then be evaluated a week or two after the final dose of medication. Side effects, drug tolerance, and effectiveness are all being assessed.

Patients who enter this study agree to take the pills they are given, as instructed. In addition, they are monitored regularly with vital sign readings and ECGs.

About Paratek Pharmaceuticals

Since 1996, Boston-based Paratek Pharmaceuticals has been focusing much of their research on antibiotics. One of their latest medications, omadacycline, is a tetracycline designed to fight off a number of bacterial infections, specifically skin infections.