A National Rosacea Society Membership: Is It Really Worth the Fee?

Have you been to Rosacea.org? This is the site for the National Rosacea Society (NRS). It's a place where you can see photos, read about treatments, or catch up on the latest news.

The NRS offers a membership that supposedly gets you some rosacea freebies and free information. I decided to sign up and see if the membership is that valuable to a rosacea sufferer. It's been a month, and I'm waiting to see true benefits to joining.

The Freebies

You do get a handful of freebies about two weeks after you join, These perks include a year's subscription to the same newsletter that's available online. You get a rosacea diary, but it's the same one you can print from the NRS website. You get two pamphlets about rosacea. Finally, there's a welcome letter that states from time to time you will get free samples and opportunities to join a research panel. I'm most excited to participate that way.

How Do You Join?

Thankfully, the amount you donate to become a member is up to you. The organization suggests $25, but you're not bound by that amount. I went with a little less.

You will be making your donation via Paypal. If that's not acceptable, you can also call the NRS's toll-free number (1-888-NO-BLUSH) or mail a check or money order to NRS-Membership at 196 James Street, Barrington, IL, 60010. To learn more or to become an NRS member, visit https://www.rosacea.org/join/index.php.