Kristen Chenoweth Opts to Ditch the Makeup and Reveal She Has Rosacea

A number of actresses are starting to come forward and admit they have rosacea. The common skin condition is notorious for causing blotchy red patches and spider veins on the face. It can also lead to pimples and dry, flaking skin.

Kristin Chenoweth is the latest actress to come forward. She told Self magazine she's dealt with rosacea since her mid-20s. When it first appeared, she didn't have the money to see a dermatologist, so she used over-the-counter products that worsened the condition.

The Wrong Steps to Take When Caring for Delicate Skin

When you have rosacea, many ingredients can trigger flare-ups. The pimples that come with rosacea have you reaching for acne products. Salicylic acid irritates your already delicate skin. It can dry it out and worsen issues. You should not use products like Clean and Clear or Neutrogena Rapid Clear.

Avoid products that have ingredients that dry the skin. Alcohol, oils like eucalyptus, menthol, and peppermint, and witch hazel top the list. Avoid parabens and propylene glycol, too.

Products That Can Help Treat Rosacea

If you can, talk to a dermatologist to get prescription products. There are topicals that can help reduce or eliminate flare-ups. A dermatologist also can go through the products you use and share information on which might not be helping treat rosacea.

Teddie Organics Rose Water Facial Toner is an organic product that only contains rose water. It's cooling and helps alleviate the redness. It's helped hundreds of people treat rosacea naturally.

Eucerin's Redness Relief line is helpful for cleaning and moisturizing skin afflicted with rosacea. Eucerin Redness Relief Night Creme is great for overnight moisturizing. It calms and soothes your skin while you sleep.

How Does Kristin Chenoweth Treat Her Rosacea?

It's often best not to wear makeup at all, but there are times it's hard to avoid. In her case, she goes makeup free when possible. She is a spokesperson for the prescription medication Rhofade. It's a cream that provides 12 hours of protection against redness. You must talk to your doctor if you want to give Rhofade a try.