Our Top 10 List of iPhone Apps for Rosacea

If you're looking for iPhone apps for rosacea, we did some digging and tested a few out. Many are designed for doctors rather than patients, but we did find some that suit men and women with rosacea.

#10 - My Rosacea by RFA Advertising

This is a very handy app for tracking your rosacea to-do list and keeping a journal. You can check of your daily care routine, such as remembering to use your rosacea medication, and check off the symptoms you're dealing with that day. Take daily photos to track your flare-ups. You can also learn more about the skin condition.

#9 - Rosacea From Azo Medical

If you simply want to keep up with the latest rosacea news and reports, download Azo Medical's Rosacea app. You'll be able to access articles and news reports with ease.

#8 - Natural Treatment for Rosacea - Kevin O'Brien

There's a small fee for Natural Treatment for Rosacea. If you want to try vitamins, minerals, and natural topical treatments to treat Rosacea's redness and irritation, this app will help. There's no guarantee the treatments will work as everyone is different, but many people have had great luck treating flare-ups through diet and topical remedies.

#7 - MIRAVASO Mirror by Galderma Laboratory

You've seen a dermatologist and are trying Miravaso to help ease your redness, pustules, and irritated skin. With the Miravaso Mirror app, you can take before and after pictures each day and see exactly how much the prescription rosacea medication is helping.

#6 - First Derm Online Dermatology From iDoc24

Take a photo of your skin condition, send it to a doctor, and learn more about how to treat rosacea. You'll have access to doctors in your area, information regarding your condition, and clinics near you.

#5 - MyDerm From Maria Abello-Poblete

Residents of New Jersey can consult with Dr. Maria Abello-Poblete through this helpful app. Register an account with MyDerm, upload your photos, and get an effective treatment plan. You can even have her contact your local pharmacy for any necessary prescriptions.

#4 - Dermatologist On Call From DermatologistOnCall

Dermatologist On Call is an app for residents of specific areas. You put in your location, and the app finds you a local participating doctor. If there is a doctor in your area, you'll be able to contact that doctor through the app and learn how to manage your rosacea flare-ups and troublesome symptoms. You'll be able to ask questions, get a diagnosis, and possibly even get prescription medications to help ease rosacea symptoms.

#3 - MD Beautify From Shore

Dr. Siyam leads the MD Beautify app. The doctor specializes in skin conditions like rosacea and acne. She'll help you find non-surgical treatments and diets that help ease rosacea flare-ups. You can also book appointments with her online.

#2 - Rosacea Tagebuch - AnyMotion Graphics

The downfall to Rosacea Tagebuch is that it's in German. It's not too hard to figure out what to do, however. This app helps you keep a rosacea journal on your phone or tablet. Use it to record the foods you eat, flare-ups that occur, and weather conditions. This helps you better track your triggers.

#1 - Fast Tract Diet From Norm Robillard, Ph.D.

As triggers are a main issue with rosacea, having a guide to better understand the foods you eat will help. There is a small charge to own Fast Tract Diet, but it's worth it if you want to get a better understanding of foods to avoid. The app allows you to track the foods you ate and the beverages you drank before rosacea flare-ups occurred and help you find patterns.

New iPhone apps for rosacea get added regularly. Others disappear without warning. It's worth checking with the store from time to time to see if there are any new apps available.