HoneyLabs Has a Natural Rosacea Treatment

Headquartered in New Zealand, HoneyLabs is changing the way people take care of their skin. The product line helps people with skin conditions like rosacea treat the redness and pustules with natural ingredients. In fact, their rosacea line contains only two ingredients: kanuka honey and glycerin.

Honevo's Product Line

Honevo Rosacea is all all-natural rosacea treatment that studies found helps 8 out of 10 sufferers. Those are incredibly good odds if you're tired of dealing with the redness. Kanuka honey works as an antibacterial agent, while glycerin helps keep the skin properly moisturized.

In addition to Honevo Rosacea, the company offers two other products. Honevo Cold Sore helps treat cold sores, while the Nappy Rash helps take care of diaper rash. If you deal with dry lips, especially in the winter, the Cold Sore lip balm might be incredibly useful.

All HoneyLab products must be ordered online directly from HoneyLabs. Currently, they do not sell through retailers like Amazon.

Alternative Options

If ordering from New Zealand is not ideal for you, there are other items you can try. Kanuka honey, the main ingredient in Honevo, is not sold online, but you can purchase Coromandel Mountains' Manuka - Kanuka Oil Blend. Both provide antibacterial properties, and some find that mixing a drop or two into pure coconut oil helps rosacea.

While more expensive, pure Kanuka oil is also available on Amazon. Kanuka Essential Oil from Mystic Moments also works well according to people dealing with a red face caused by rosacea. Again, mixing a drop or two with something like coconut seems to word best.