Five Ways to Save on the Best Eye Drops for Ocular Rosacea

Ocular rosacea. I've had it for four years or so now. It's horrible. Some seasons are better than others. Allergy season and winter months are the worst. It feels like you always have sand in your eyes. They're watery, red, irritated, and make you want to tear them out.

Eye drops for ocular rosacea are important. You don't want Visine to "Get the Red Out." You need eye drops that lubricate and soothe the eyes. They need to replace the oils that your oil glands are not producing. They're also pretty expensive when you buy them on a monthly or semi-monthly basis. Here are some tips for saving money on lubricating eye drops for ocular rosacea.

Hunt for Coupons

Search online for coupons. The offers come and go, but many of the leading lubricating eye drop manufacturers offer discount coupons you print out and use at the store. One of my favorite lubricating eye drops is Systane Ultra. Sign up at and get coupons sent to you each month. It's worth it.

If you have a favorite brand and that manufacturer doesn't have any coupons, email and ask. The worst that will happen is they tell you they don't offer any. Many times, you'll ask and get a bunch mailed to you.

Look for Multi-Packs

Systane Ultra works well. The other reason I love it is because it comes in a multi-pack. Having extra bottles allows me to keep one in the bathroom. I have a second bottle I can keep near my computer when I'm working. There's a third bottle that I keep in my purse for nights out or when taking care of my mom.

Shop for Generic Brands

While I tend to use Systane Ultra the most, I have tried generic brands. They're much cheaper and most work well. I don't find they work quite as well as Systane's lubricating eye drops, but when my ocular rosacea is mild, they're great.

Use Cash Back Apps

Some stores have rebate programs that help you save money. Sign up for programs like Checkout 51 or Ibotta and get cash back on qualifying purchases at dozens of stores. You download the app, check the stores and rebate offers, go shopping, submit a photo of your receipt, and get cash back.

If you want to join Ibotta and get a $10 welcome bonus, visit the Red Face Solutions Facebook group. Ibotta offers change regularly, but you can find deals like $5 cash back when you buy Rohto Dry-Aid Eye Drops.

Shop Clearance Bins

Many stores put items that aren't selling well or that are nearing their expiration in clearance bins. Check these bins for lubricating eye drops. I found nighttime lubricating gel for $2 a tube in my local grocery store. The expiration date was a year away, but the store wasn't selling enough to keep the item in stock, so they were clearing out their inventory.