Five Easy Ways to Hide Rosacea

While the best way to handle rosacea is by learning to embrace your skin and trying to reduce redness through diet and skin care, it's not always easy. If you're going out and want to hide your red, inflamed skin, here are five tips.

Color-Correcting Foundation

Physician's Formula Super CC Kit has a concealer, foundation, and powder in one kit. It's the yellow and green tint in this product that helps tone redness and can make your skin look healthy and radiant. While it is a mineral make-up, it may still irritate sensitive rosacea skin, so make sure you wash it off when you get home.

Choose Clothes Carefully

The clothing you wear can make your skin appear redder. To try to minimize redness, avoid reds and oranges. Greens and blues are better choices.

Evian Facial Spray Helps

Spraying your face with water when you start to feel flushed can really help keep the flushing to a minimal. Evian makes a facial spray that is incredibly soothing.

Stay in the Shade

At outdoor events, staying in the sun will cause your face to flush. Stick to the shade when possible. If it's difficult, invest in a wide-brimmed sun hat.

Skip the Alcohol

A night out on the town usually comes with a drink or two. Volunteer to be the designated driver for the night and stick to drinks that won't cause a flush. Chamomile iced tea is an excellent choice. So is water and seltzer.