Do You Suffer From the New Rosacea Subtype

Rosacea is a troublesome skin condition that is not dangerous, but it can greatly affect the sufferer's self-esteem. Wandering around with a bright red face, especially on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, often makes men and women want to stay home and avoid going out in public.

For years, there have been four rosacea subtypes:

  • Subtype 1: Flushing and facial redness
  • Subtype 2: Flushing and red face combined with pimples and pustules that look like adult acne
  • Subtype 3: Thickened skin that can become bulbous in appearance
  • Subtype 4: Ocular rosacea that makes the eyes red, scratchy/itchy, and styes become a frequent complaint

Enter Rosacea Subtype 5

Most recently, there has been a lot of talk about a fifth subtype of rosacea. This one is known as Neuropathic Rosacea. Its key symptoms include a burning and stinging sensation of the face that can last half an hour or longer. Doctors have been looking at the stinging and burning for years, but there is finally discussion about the benefit of dermatologists not using subtypes to determine the best treatment plan. Instead, studies are finding that taking the symptoms and then treating each of them can be more effective.

In one medical study, doctors found that treating patients with rosacea subtype 5 worked best when antidepressants that tackled the pain were offered. Anti-inflammatory medicines are also helpful at reducing the redness associated with many cases of rosacea.

If you have rosacea and deal with the stinging and burning sensation, talk to your dermatologist about prescription products like Cymbalta or Lyrica. Management of the pain is important!

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