Six Leaking Brands Making the Best Hair Colour for Rosacea

You're looking for the best hair colour for rosacea. I have some advice. Following a dare from a friend, I spent about a decade turning my naturally blonde locks into a rich mahogany red. What started as a dare turned into a look that I loved. I thought red was a bad hair colour for rosacea, but it worked well with my pale skin and rosy cheeks. I loved the look, but I eventually gave it up because touching up the roots every two or three weeks was expensive. I went back to blonde.

What I did find is that the brands of hair colour were important. Skin with rosacea can be really sensitive. Some hair colour brands irritated my skin more than others. For that reason, I preferred these brands when choosing the best hair colour for rosacea.

#6 - Garnier Nutrisse

With optimal moisturizing properties, I love how Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing leaves my hair feeling. I find the avocado, grapeseed, olive, and shea oils do leave my hair feeling better after colouring it than it felt before. There are a lot of colour choices available, so you can try shades that are very light, very dark, or anywhere in between.

#5 - Herbatint

Herbatint contains herbal extracts. I find that makes the scent far more pleasant than many kits. There are a few colours to pick from, so you should be able to find the right hair colour for rosacea. The price is exceptional given the natural ingredients.

#4 - Vidal Sassoon Salonist

There are dozens of options when it comes to finding the right colour for your rosacea-afflicted skin. The colours are rich and vibrant. If you want to go with a red, this is the kit for you! It's also reasonably priced and leaves your hair feeling great.

#3 - John Frieda Precision Foam Color

John Frieda has a great range of colors to suit rosacea sufferers. It's also a foam hair colour, so it won't drip or run onto your face. I find the locking sealant also helps keep your colour looking rich for far longer. One of the other benefits of this product is that one bottle goes a long way. Usually, if you have long hair, you're going to need two kits. One kit is enough for my below-the-shoulder hair.

#2 - Indus Valley 100 Percent Botanical

My skin loves Indus Valley 100 Percent Botanical hair colour. For a hair colour for rosacea, it's ideal. The problem is that it's expensive. I also found that my hair usually felt dry after using it. I had to follow a day or two later with a very intensive conditioner to bring my hair back to its usual state. The company also doesn't have as many colour choices as some of the competition.

#1 - Schwarzkopf - Color Ultime

To this day, if I am adding colour to my hair, I love Schwarzkopf Color Ultime. It lasts more than a month, so I don't have to colour as often, I also find it doesn't irritate my skin as some of the other brands do. There are more than two dozen hair colour options, so if you have rosacea and want to improve your look, Color Ultime can help.

You're going to find that rosacea alone can't dictate your best hair colour. Your skin tone will be the key factor. Use an online virtual stylist to play with hair colours. The results can be surprising, and you don't have to commit to anything before you're certain.