Our Picks for 2024 Best Rosacea Apps

What can a rosacea app do? They're actually handy for tracking your flare-ups and finding triggers. If you think about your problems with rosacea, the first thing you learn is to identify when your skin is at its worse. You have to pair those moments with the things that triggered it.

Triggers are usually related to foods and beverage, weather conditions, and skincare products. You need a way to keep track of when your flare-ups happened and what you did differently in the past 24 hours. You'll find patterns that allow you to pinpoint your triggers. Rosacea apps help you do that in a simple, effective manner.

We've spent weeks trying different apps for both Android and Apple devices. A few months have passed, and these are our favorites.

Fast Tract Diet by Norm Robillard, Ph.D.

You will pay a few dollars for this Android and iOS app (Fast Tract Diet - Norm Robillard). It's not designed specifically for rosacea, but it's incredibly handy at finding food triggers. In addition to being able to track what foods caused flare-ups, it also has information you can look up to identify what foods may cause issues for your specific health condition. It will help with rosacea, but it can also help you if you are lactose intolerant or have other food sensitivities.

My Rosacea by RFA Advertising LLP

If you have an iOS device, download the free My Rosacea app. This app is very user-friendly and offers information about rosacea. After that, you can use the app to track your symptoms, how bad your rosacea is, and what you've eaten or used. You can even add photos to compare how your skin looks from day to day.

Rosacea-Tagebuch by anyMOTION Graphics GMBH

There is one issue with Rosacea-Tagebuch. It's in German. That said, once you figure out the format (Google Translate helps), you have a comprehensive diary that helps you track your triggers. You can rate the shade of red you are that day. You can look at a chart that tracks your redness each day of the week. Over time, you'll find the patterns that alert you to triggers in weather, food, and skincare products.

Rosacea Tracker Pro by ToTheHand, LLC

You will pay about $1 for Rosacea Tracker. Once it's installed on your Android device, you can use it to track your symptoms and potential triggers. One of the things that makes this so handy is that you can then email reports to your doctor or yourself.

If you don't like to have to keep track of notebooks or food diaries, you need one of these rosacea apps. While we all agree that My Rosacea is best, it's only for Apple devices. If you're looking for the best rosacea app for Android devices, our recommendation is to get Fast Track Diet, it's one of the handier tools when it comes to finding your rosacea triggers.