Our Readers Weigh In: What Are the Best Eye Drops for Rosacea?

Ocular rosacea. What a pain! The dry, scratchy eyes that feel like you have a piece of sand trapped under your eyelid. The sensitivity to sun on even a cloudy day. The painful sties that form on your eyelash line. If you have it, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

First, see a specialist. Mine did wonders helping me tame this condition. Flax seed oil and fish oil are going to help. You'll also want eyelid wipes to use for cleaning your eyelids. Finally, invest in a microwaveable heat pack for your eyes.

Second, you need lubricating eye drops. I asked readers to weigh in on the drops that best help soothe ocular rosacea. Here's what readers had to say.

Alcon Genteal Gel

Numerous raves came in for GenTeal Lubricant Eye Gel for severe dry eye relief. I've used it and agree. You get a small tube, sure, but one tiny amount lasts for hours. I do find it makes my vision a little fuzzy for a couple minutes, but that's not a big deal. I use it right after the shower and before bed and haven't needed more than that.

Here's what others have to say:

"I've turned GenTeal Gel into my morning routine. It instantly relieves my scratchy eyes."

"My eye doctor recommended these, and he wasn't wrong. I love them."

"Not only do I use this gel in my eyes, but I make sure some gets onto my lash line and it ended sties for me."

GenTeal Tears Liquid Drops

GenTeal Tears is another Alcon product. Instead of a gel, these are eye drops that provide hours of relief. They don't blur the vision, which is why I prefer them. I also find they tend to feel cool when I drop them onto my eye, which is a nice feeling when summer's heat is getting to my skin and eyes. I'm not alone in my love of these eye drops.

"These eye drops relieve my scratchy eyes better than anything I've tried."

"My doctor said I should use these drops, and I am so happy I listened."

"Not only do I use GenTeal for my own ocular rosacea, but my dog was diagnosed with dry eye and these were the vet's first suggestion."

Refresh P.M. Lubricant Eye Ointment for Sensitive Eyes

Mineral oil and white petrolatum are main ingredients in Refresh P.M. Lubricant Eye Ointment. This isn't one I use as it does make it hard for me to read in bed, which is a habit I'm not giving up. It's meant to soothe dry eyes for hours and hours. Here's what readers said:

"It clouds my vision for 20 minutes, but the relief makes it worth every moment of blurriness."

"It's such an excellent lubricating eye ointment. I can't imagine using anything else."

"First time my scratchy eyes haven't woken me up in the middle of the night."

There you have it. Do you prefer any brands of eye drops or ointment for rosacea that you think is better than these three? Let me know on Facebook.