Everything You Need to Know About the Best Apps for Rosacea

Could an app for rosacea be all you need to end the redness and irritation? Odds are it's unlikely an app will end your redness, but some of them can help you with the most important step - finding your triggers. Apps like Rosacea 101: A Diary tracks the foods and beverages you have each day. It can keep track of the weather, the symptoms you experience, and the cosmetics you use.

Are Apps Really the Best Plan?

Here's the thing with Google Play store's picks for the best apps for rosacea, I find that the amount of space they take up ends up not being worthwhile. Plus, I hate having to enter my code to open my phone and input everything I eat. It is much quicker jotting down notes in a journal I keep at my desk.

You can also keep track of this using a journal or notebook. You may find it easier to track your triggers on an app, but I didn't. The choice is ultimately yours. I find this food tracker is easy to fill in and makes it easy to add notes about my symptoms, water intake, and types of exercise.

How Do You Find Triggers?

Finding triggers is the key to keeping flare-ups to a minimum. Triggers are the cause of a flare-up. It could be a component in a new cosmetic or skin cream or a food. I have been eating mango all of my life. In early July, I bought a new fruit smoothie blender mix. I paid dearly for that switch.

My usual frozen fruit mix is one that Wyman's of Maine makes. Triple Berry Blend is a mix of wild blueberries, black raspberries, and red raspberries. That's it. I mix it with unsweetened cranberry juice. Ocean Spray Unsweetened Pure Cranberry is easy to find in stores or online. I have this every morning and my skin has been looking pretty good.

A few weeks ago, I found a new blend at Hannaford, my local grocery store, that was mango, blueberries, and raspberries. I bought it and was all set to fall in love with a new mix. Two days later, my skin looked like I'd slathered on oil and sat out in the sun. It turns out, mango is a trigger.

I'm still trying to get my skin back to normal. Mango is out now, as disheartening as that is to me.

My Advice is to Try an App for Rosacea and See What You Think

Rosacea apps aren't for me, but that doesn't mean that you'll find them useless. Give them a try by searching Google Play or iTunes for rosacea apps. You might find one that you love. If you don't, just remember that it's easy to track rosacea flare-ups on paper. It can help you find triggers and know the steps to take to get your skin back on track.