My Experience Using Made From Earth's Rosehip & Hibiscus Facial Serum

Organic Rosehip Facial SerumI do have a disclaimer I'll share. Stress is a rosacea trigger for many, including me. Right now, I'm more stressed than usual, so my skin's looked horrible. It's a combination of stress/grief following my dad's unexpected death and trying to figure out how to best care for my mom, who is in the early stages of dementia. Dad was her caregiver, and I'm at a loss on what to do. My face is red and blotchy. I have pustules forming on my chin and forehead, and the grief and blow to my self-esteem are very overwhelming.

Now that that's out the way. I received a bottle of Made From Earth's Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum. It's designed to be gentle and friendly to sensitive skin. Many of the ingredients within are anti-inflammatory. I've been using it for almost a week and it's helping. I won't say my skin looks flawless, but it's definitely looking better than it was.


A little goes a long way, and you do need very little. It spreads easily. Start with clean, dry skin. I am currently using one of three products depending on the season. SebaMed is the one that seems to be doing the best job taming my redness and pustules at the moment. Once your face is clean, apply a small amount of the serum. Instructions state to let it dry and then apply a moisturizer.

Ingredients List

  • Organic aloe
  • Hibiscus flower extract
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Rosehip seed oil
  • Kosher vegetable glycerin
  • Emulsifying wax
  • Vitamin B3
  • Pro-vitamin B5
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C ester
  • Xanthan gum
  • Rosemary
  • Neem oil
  • Pink grapefruit

First Impressions

There is very little scent to Made from Earth Organic Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum. As soon as I apply it, my skin stops itching as bad as it does at the end of the day and when I get up. I find myself applying this serum twice a day to get some relief from the itching. With the amount I use, the two-ounce bottle is still going to last a long time.

Bottom Line

I'm definitely impressed. The mixture of fatty acids and antioxidants in Made From Earth's Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum does make my skin feel better moisturized. Paired with Juice Beauty's Stem Cellular moisturizer, I'm finding my skin's starting to look better after just a week. Hopefully, the trend continues that way. If it does, I'll be investing in many more Made From Earth products. The first will likely be the Green Tea Toxin Cleanser.