Metrogel: Cost, Benefits, and Tips for Using It

One of the leading prescription medications for rosacea is Metrogel. You may receive a prescription for the generic form of metronidazole gel. This medication is topical rosacea treatment with few adverse effects. It works by killing bacteria while also providing a moisturizing agent to help keep the skin from drying out.

How Much Does Metrogel Cost?

The amount you pay will vary. People with insurance often receive the generic form for the cost of their co-pay. If you do not have insurance coverage for prescriptions, MetroGelcan get very expensive. In Vermont, a tube of metronidazole gel costs approximately $250 at area pharmacies. lists the average price of the generic gel at $100 for the 0.75 percent solution or $213 for the 1 percent solution. If you are not using the generic form, a prescription for MetroGel itself averages about $371 per

What Are the Benefits to Metrogel?

MetroGel contains a special blend of moisturizing agents with the rosacea medication. It helps kill the bacteria that is often linked to rosacea, so this helps reduce redness and the pustules that form with Rosacea subtype 2.

How Should I Use It?

Start by washing your face with a cleanser that is free of perfumes, harsh ingredients, or skin irritants. Many people with rosacea find CeraVe to be effective at maintaining the skin’s moisture levels while also removing dirt and oils. Blot the skin dry and then apply a small amount of metronidazole to the areas of the face where rosacea is prominent. A pea-size amount should suffice. If you are using the non-generic MetroGel, the pump it comes in squirts out a measured dosage, so you’ll always have the right amount of this prescription medication for roseaca.

Doctor’s usually recommend applying the medication twice a day. Morning and night is often best if you want to space out the application of the rosacea medication to 12 hours apart.

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