Dressing for Rosacea: Colors to Avoid

It’s quite likely that you avoid certain colors because of your hair, most women do. Have you stopped to consider that the colors you wear affects how red your face look? Many people with rosacea can tone down the redness by choosing appropriate clothing colors.

Go for Cool Colors

People with rosacea benefit from cool colors that can tone down red skin. Many men and women with rosacea find cool colors like green and blue can help make their red face less noticeable. Green and pale yellows are especially notable as they are the same hue put into many cosmetics designed to tone redness in rosacea sufferers. Another benefit to these colors is that they tend to be suitable for any hair color.

Avoid Warm Colors

Experts do recommend that people who are prone to having bright red skin from rosacea avoid warm colors with strong red hues – such as orange and red. These colors can draw attention to an already red face and make it appear even redder.

Black and White Are Not Good Choices

For those with a red complexion, especially when the skin is pale, white and black are not rosacea-friendly colors. White and black can really make the red stand out.

Rosacea is not a one-size-fits-all skin condition, so you will want to hold different colors up to your face and see how they look before you purchase them. Trying them out in bright lighting can really help as that’s when the redness tends to be most prominent.

Consider the Material

One more thing to consider when you’re shopping for clothing to lessen the red face rosacea causes, consider the material. Some materials like angora or wool may make your neck or face itchy as you pull it over your head. Many experts say materials like cotton and silk are better for people with rosacea.