Can Rosacea Go Into Remission?

Some people are lucky enough to find their rosacea flare-ups disappear. This can happen after menopause or severe dietary changes. It leads to people wondering if it's possible for rosacea to go into remission. Experts believe it is possible. Here are reasons why they feel rosacea disappears.

  • 1. Long-term use of medications ease flare-ups - After years of using therapeutic medications, experts find that rosacea symptoms do go away. The problem is that stopping all use of medications may lead to symptoms returning. It might be months or even years later, but there's no proof that rosacea can be cured permanently.
  • 2. Dietary changes remove all triggers - A complete change to your diet can stop the triggers that cause flare-ups. If you suddenly decide to remove all sugar from your diet, that can be enough to end triggers. The same is true of other common triggers like red wine, wheat, or spicy foods.
  • 3. You move to a new climate. For some, inclement weather is a trigger for rosacea. If you live in a cold climate with harsh, bitter cold winters, a move to a state where it never gets cold can end flare-ups.
  • 4. Stress-reducing techniques ease stress-induced rosacea - Stress is a common trigger for rosacea. If you take a new job where there's less stress or add stress-reducing practices like yoga to your routine, it may help stop flare-ups.

There is no Cure, so You Must Remain Proactive

The thing to remember with rosacea is that it can reappear. Some never find themselves dealing with flare-ups again, but others think they've beaten it and then find rosacea reappears when they least expect it. You need to remain alert to changes in your skin and keep track of what may have triggered it.